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Most small to medium business are being left behind when it comes to Social Media.

Social Media Management can be extremely time consuming and frustrating to the uninitiated; the Social Media managers at YUU Social not only monitor and update your Social Media Channels, but will also develop an understanding of your unique objectives and goals.


The content we post is catered towards your unique company voice, and is aimed at driving engagement with new and existing customers.


Don’t let it all slip by, let YUU Social handle the technical aspects, while you reap the benefits!

Our valued clients

What we do

Updating Social Channels

We post text, photos, videos and make comments from your business to relevant social media channels to keep them relevant and to attract communities of potential customers and retain existing ones.


We respond to comments, follows, mentions, dialogue and questions on your social media channels to fully engage with your prospects and customers on your behalf. We aim to create and support a community around your brand.

Research and Planning

YUU Social managers source relevant and interesting internal and external content to attract potential customers and establish your business as an expert in your field.

Community Building

We actively create and implement unique audience outreach and acquisition strategies for your individual business requirements and industry expectations, to expand and retain your social media footprint.

Social Channel Listening

Our social media managers listen and monitor major social channels for mentions and keywords specific to you business, brand and industry. This allows us to stay on top of any potential opportunities or threats that may arise.

Analytics and Reporting

We quantify our efforts and the effectiveness of our service so that you can see key metrics on how your social media channels are working for your business. We identify your initial goals and requirements so that we can test and measure all activities.